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Beijing Ritan Hotel's five-star appraisal mobilization meeting was successfully held

Date: 2021-01-04

On the afternoon of April 10, 2019, Beijing Ritan Hotel held a five-star hotel mobilization meeting with the theme of "unify thinking, unite one's will, and strive for five-star". Wang Zongchang, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Ritan Hotel, Vice General Manager Chen Dong, Zhao Gengshu, Cui Rui (ACFTU's temporary post) and the heads of various departments of the hotel, all employees, and representatives of cooperative operations and outsourcing units nearly 200 People attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Deputy General Manager Chen Dong.

At the meeting, General Manager Wang Zongchang gave a star review mobilization speech. Wang Zongchang first introduced the history of Beijing Ritan Hotel. The predecessor of Ritan Hotel was the Asia-Australia Liaison Bureau of the World Federation of Trade Unions built in 1954. It was invested and built by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in 1984 and was listed as the first batch of foreign-related designated sites in the country. The only three-star hotel in the hotel and trade union system. In December 2012, the large-scale reconstruction and expansion of the Ritan Hotel was put into operation again. After the reconstruction, the operating area of the Ritan Hotel reached 75,000 square meters, including guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafeterias, conferences, banquets, bars, badminton, swimming pools, Fitness and other comprehensive services are integrated, becoming the bright business card of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on East Chang'an Avenue.

In recent years, Ritan Hotel has focused on management and marketed itself, highlighting the three themes of "safety, service, and efficiency". Under the direct concern of the Secretariat of the Party Committee of the All-China Federation, and under the leadership of the Party and Government team of the China National Vocational and Technical Travel Service, all the cadres and employees of the hotel have worked together, and the operating performance has increased year by year. In 2018, the total annual revenue reached a record high of 104 million yuan. While creating good economic benefits, Ritan Hotel has also continued to improve social benefits. It has successively received some influential important conference activities, which have been affirmed by the organizers and leaders of the ACFTU.

The party and government leaders of the China Staff Travel Service attach great importance to the star review work of the Ritan Hotel and give strong support. Zhao Shihong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Headquarters, has emphasized the importance of Shenxing’s work on several occasions and put forward valuable opinions on the hotel. The work of Shen Xing gave specific guidance.

Wang Zongchang also emphasized the important significance of Shenxing's work at this stage: it is conducive to improving the quality of the hotel's staff and service quality; the overall management level; the hotel's operating income and employee benefits. The process of star rating is a process in which each employee continuously improves and grows together with the hotel, which is closely related to everyone. Finally, Wang Zongchang’s commitment to the hotel in terms of strengthening learning and improving professionalism; strengthening training and improving service quality; intensifying quality inspections, in-depth self-inspection and rectification; checking omissions and filling vacancies, improving management systems; enhancing sense of responsibility and improving execution The management team and all employees put forward clear requirements.

Zhao Gengshu, deputy general manager of the hotel, announced at the meeting the list of members of the hotel’s five-star evaluation leading group and related duties.

Wu Haichao from the Customer Service Department and Liu Min from Donghui Pinxianfang Chinese Restaurant spoke at the meeting as employee representatives, expressing that they will make preparations with a positive attitude and down-to-earth work style.

Beijing Ritan Hotel will take this application for a five-star hotel as an opportunity, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, under the direct leadership of the party and government team of the China Vocational and Technical Travel Service, and under the care and guidance of experts from the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission, All employees work together and work together to further improve the hotel's hardware facilities and management system, comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees and hotel service quality, realize the leapfrog development and sustainable development of Ritan Hotel, and continuously promote the preservation and appreciation of union assets.